Forename(s): Thomas

Surname: BRADING


Date of birth: 1818 (approx., calculated)

Date of death: Jan 1893

Date of burial: 14 Jan 1893

Age at death: 75 years

Address: Carisbrooke Road, Parish of Carisbrooke

Section: H - Cemetery map

Plot No: 9  Section map of plots

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Burial Register entry: Carisbrooke   4034

IWCP - 14 January 1893 - DEATH OF MR.T. BRADING. Yesterday, Mr. Thomas Brading, who has for many years been connected with agriculture and agriculturists in the Island, died at his residence in Castle-road, Newport, at the age of 74. Mr. Brading was a member of the respected Island family of that name, and was best known as the representative in the Island of Messrs. Dixon and Cardus, who acquired the business which he had originated at the town quay, Newport, and he was a regular attendant at the Newport market, where in spite of ill health he was present only on Saturday last.

Carisbrooke Cemetery

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