Those remembered in the Cemeteries from the World Wars

These are not only those who are buried here (Military and Civilian) but also those who didn't return home but are recorded on family memorials. There's no complete list of the latter, these are those we've come across; no doubt we will find more and these will be added as we identify them.

Extracts of Newspaper report of May 4/5th 1942 detailing those victims interred at Newport and Carisbrooke Cemeteries.

Transcription of Newspaper report of April 7th 1943 air raid on Newport.

Some details of the V1 Flying bomb, Carisbrooke Road, 25/26 June 1944

Note: '*' indicates those recorded on family memorials although not buried at the Cemetery.

148 individual found

First World War dead:

Surname Forename(s) Age   Death Cemetery  
*ARGYLEWilliam Frederick17y 31 May 1916NewportView record
*AYRESErnest Alfred27y 22 Sep 1917St Paul's (Old)View record
*BARTONHewett Edward28y 20 Aug 1916CarisbrookeView record
BELCHEREdward William37y 17 Oct 1914NewportView record
*BIRDCecil Arthur26y 30 Nov 1917CarisbrookeView record
*BIRDRoland Allen21y 21 Mar 1915CarisbrookeView record
BROWNGraham Douglas21y 17 Mar 1917CarisbrookeView record
BROWNRichard39y 3 Jan 1915CarisbrookeView record
*BULLJack33y 18 Oct 1916CarisbrookeView record
CARWARDINEEdwin33y 29 Apr 1917NewportView record
*CATTONJohn34y app 20 Aug 1915CarisbrookeView record
*CHEVERTONThomas Bird33y app 24 Mar 1918NewportView record
CLARKEJohn30y 12 Aug 1914St Paul'sView record
*COOPERCharles George21y 21 Mar 1918CarisbrookeView record
*COOPERErnest31y 23 Apr 1917NewportView record
*CROUCHERRobert Harry (Bob)27y 26 Oct 1918NewportView record
*DANIELSWallace Henry James20y 19 Apr 1917CarisbrookeView record
*DIFFEYFrederick Ernest24y 16 Aug 1918CarisbrookeView record
*DIFFEYSydney George28y 4 Jun 1917CarisbrookeView record
*DODSWORTHHarry Lawrence20y 19 Apr 1917NewportView record
*DRUDGETheodore Algernon34y 16 Nov 1917CarisbrookeView record
ELDRIDGEPercy Arthur22y 19 Nov 1918St Paul'sView record
FLEETSydney Arthur25y 26 Apr 1918St Paul'sView record
FLUXFrederick George31y 14 Feb 1919CarisbrookeView record
*GEORGEWilliam Jacob21y 17 Feb 1917CarisbrookeView record
*GODWINPhilip Edgar24y 16 Jan 1916CarisbrookeView record
*GODWINSidney William25y 2 Oct 1916CarisbrookeView record
*GRISTAlfred Charles20y app 27 May 1918CarisbrookeView record
*HALEAlfred James (Jim)26y 29 Jun 1915NewportView record
HALLHollis George31y 7 Nov 1915CarisbrookeView record
*HAMILTONBertram Charles17y 12 Aug 1915CarisbrookeView record
*HARVEYArthur Owen28y 3 May 1917CarisbrookeView record
HOBBSGeorge Henry21y 7 Oct 1917St Paul'sView record
*HOBBSWilliam John21y 23 Feb 1918St Paul'sView record
*HOWARDAustin William25y 23 Jul 1916NewportView record
*HUMBERReginald William24y 25 Jun 1918CarisbrookeView record
JENNINGSWilliam James19y 1 Apr 1915CarisbrookeView record
*KENNEDYBertram James37y 29 Dec 1917St Paul'sView record
*KNOTTSydney James32y 8 Jul 1916CarisbrookeView record
*LAMBERTFrank39y 26 Sep 1916CarisbrookeView record
LEALCecil Jack25y 31 May 1919CarisbrookeView record
*LEALErnest Leonard24y 9 Apr 1915CarisbrookeView record
LOCKEAlbert Henry18y 29 Sep 1920CarisbrookeView record
*LOCKYERSidney George31y 26 May 1918NewportView record
MacDONALDJames46y 22 Mar 1917NewportView record
*MALLARDFrederick Cecil22y 4 Sep 1915CarisbrookeView record
*MARTINReginald24y 14 Oct 1918CarisbrookeView record
*MIDLANEVernon George37y 31 May 1916CarisbrookeView record
*MOOREBrucen/k 31 Jul 1917CarisbrookeView record
*MOOREColinn/k 19 Sep 1916CarisbrookeView record
*MOOREJohn Alan23y 15 Sep 1916CarisbrookeView record
NOLANJohn Henry21y 12 Dec 1917CarisbrookeView record
O'CONNORFrederick William64y 17 Oct 1919CarisbrookeView record
ORAMSamuel John32y 8 Oct 1918CarisbrookeView record
*OSBORNEGeorge Bernard18y 16 Oct 1916NewportView record
PARKERCharles James35y 27 Dec 1918CarisbrookeView record
*PAYNEdward William37y 2 Sep 1918NewportView record
PHILLIPSGeorge35y 4 Jan 1920NewportView record
*PLUCKNETTWilliam George24y 8 Jun 1917CarisbrookeView record
QUANTRILLHenry18y 1 Feb 1915NewportView record
QUANTRILLWilliam Charles21y 21 Oct 1919NewportView record
ROGERSCharles Frank19y 4 Feb 1915CarisbrookeView record
*SAUNDERSAlbert William23y 15 Apr 1917CarisbrookeView record
*SAWYERRalph21y 12 Aug 1915CarisbrookeView record
*SAWYERWilliam24y 12 Apr 1917CarisbrookeView record
*SHEPARDArthur Edward23y 4 Jul 1918CarisbrookeView record
*SIMMONDSArthur Edwin23y 6 Aug 1915CarisbrookeView record
*SIMMONDSArthur James22y 12 Aug 1915CarisbrookeView record
SMITHSimeon22y 4 Jan 1920CarisbrookeView record
*STARKAdolphus Edward37y 2 Oct 1917CarisbrookeView record
*STAYClement Arthur23y app 5 Nov 1918CarisbrookeView record
*TAYLERAlfred Edgar23y 20 Apr 1917CarisbrookeView record
*THOMASHoward Clive27y 5 Dec 1915CarisbrookeView record
TURNERJohn F.34y 17 Nov 1918CarisbrookeView record
*WALESCecil Hastings20y 23 Sep 1915CarisbrookeView record
WATSONEdward Frank29y 1 Sep 1919NewportView record
*WAYFrank41y 21 Mar 1918CarisbrookeView record
*WHEELERArthur Leslie19y 19 Apr 1917NewportView record
WHITEErnest James22y 8 Mar 1918CarisbrookeView record
*WHITTINGTONAlfred James32y 12 Aug 1915CarisbrookeView record
*WICKENSAlfred Louis30y 9 Aug 1918CarisbrookeView record
WILTONAlbert Edward27y 23 Mar 1918CarisbrookeView record
*WITHAMWilliam Herbert30y 12 Aug 1915NewportView record

Second World War dead:

(CWD = Civilian War Died)

Surname Forename(s) Age   death Cemetery  
ABLITT CWD Harold Frank12y 7 Apr 1943 NewportView record
ABRAHAM CWD Donald Edwin43y 20 Apr 1943 CarisbrookeView record
BEGGS James43y 31 Aug 1942 NewportView record
BERRY John Leslie35y 12 Nov 1944 CarisbrookeView record
*BURGESS Herbert Donald39y 11 Sep 1939 CarisbrookeView record
BURT CWD Frederick Cecil51y 7 Apr 1943 CarisbrookeView record
BUTLER CWD Amy74y 7 Apr 1943 NewportView record
CHAMBERS Arthur Thomas38y 11 Nov 1946 NewportView record
CHEVERTON Oliver Frank (Bob)40y 18 Feb 1942 CarisbrookeView record
CHIVERTON CWD Jean 5 weeks 5 May 1942 CarisbrookeView record
CHIVERTON CWD John Wallace3y 5 May 1942 CarisbrookeView record
CHIVERTON CWD Mary Elizabeth7y 5 May 1942 CarisbrookeView record
CHIVERTON CWD Patrick George2y 5 May 1942 CarisbrookeView record
CHIVERTON CWD Paul Richard2y 5 May 1942 CarisbrookeView record
CHIVERTON CWD Vera Florance4y 5 May 1942 CarisbrookeView record
COX Leslie Roy20y 16 Sep 1941 CarisbrookeView record
*CURLING William37y 23 Sep 1942 St Paul'sView record
DRAPER CWD Elizabeth Grace19y 7 Apr 1943 St Paul'sView record
DUDLEY CWD Valerie Lilian5y 7 Apr 1943 NewportView record
DUDLEY CWD Violet Lily31y 7 Apr 1943 NewportView record
*DUTCH Joseph Henry35y 27 May 1940 CarisbrookeView record
DYER CWD Ada56y 1942 NewportView record
ELLIOTT William Ernest21y 30 Oct 1940 CarisbrookeView record
FAIRWEATHER James Robert Henry22y 29 Apr 1942 St Paul'sView record
FLUX CWD Julia Mary90y 7 Apr 1943 NewportView record
FRY Kenneth28y 13 Aug 1940 CarisbrookeView record
GIDDENS Richard George71y 9 Mar 1945 CarisbrookeView record
*GREENEN Ralph23y 30 Nov 1943 NewportView record
GROSVENOR Terence Alfred21y 13 Jun 1941 CarisbrookeView record
HANN CWD Alice Frances63y 5 May 1942 CarisbrookeView record
*HAWKINS Albert James26y 3 Apr 1943 CarisbrookeView record
*HOWARD William Leonard22y 22 Jul 1944 St Paul'sView record
JONES Kenneth Herbert29y 15 Jan 1943 CarisbrookeView record
KILLEEN Beauchamp Valentine20y 19 Oct 1941 NewportView record
KIRKUP CWD John George Cheney59y 4 May 1942 CarisbrookeView record
LEE Harold Frank37y 16 Aug 1942 CarisbrookeView record
LILLYWHITE Ernest William31y 23 Apr 1941 St Paul'sView record
MILLGATE CWD Stanley (Mick)46y 20 May 1941 CarisbrookeView record
MITCHELL CWD Harold60y 7 Apr 1943 CarisbrookeView record
*MOORE Dennis41y 5 Nov 1940 CarisbrookeView record
MUNDELL CWD Celia Anne66y 7 Apr 1943 NewportView record
MUNDELL CWD William Robert67y 7 Apr 1943 NewportView record
MURPHY CWD Eleanor Adelaide74y 7 Apr 1943 NewportView record
NEWNHAM Leslie Aubrey25y 26 Nov 1945 NewportView record
NOBBS Walter John58y 7 Feb 1943 St Paul'sView record
*O'DONNELL CWD William Thomas54y 7 Apr 1943 Not Buried HereView record
PALMER CWD Eva Mary36y 7 Apr 1943 CarisbrookeView record
PARSONS CWD Walter William59y 20 Dec 1940 CarisbrookeView record
PERROTT Harold Frank26y 30 Apr 1941 CarisbrookeView record
RACKETT CWD Alfred Robert66y 25 Sep 1943 CarisbrookeView record
RAY Frederick Harry26y 29 Sep 1943 CarisbrookeView record
READ Charles Edward33y 6 Jul 1942 CarisbrookeView record
SHEATH CWD Percy James38y 3 Jan 1943 CarisbrookeView record
SHEPARD CWD Edward Harold Cecil42y 9 Apr 1943 CarisbrookeView record
*SIMS William Arthur34y 21 Nov 1942 NewportView record
SQUIBB Ernest George47y 21 Apr 1946 CarisbrookeView record
*STRATON CWD Arthur Arbuthnot59y 7 Apr 1943 Not Buried HereView record
WADHAM John Victor21y 12 Oct 1940 CarisbrookeView record
WARD Leonard Douglas22y 18 Apr 1941 CarisbrookeView record
*WARD Percy24y 30 Aug 1944 CarisbrookeView record
WENDES Robert John23y 16 Nov 1944 CarisbrookeView record
WHITE CWD Frederick William24y 6 May 1942 CarisbrookeView record
WOLFE Arthur Frank22y 16 Jun 1941 St Paul'sView record
WOODMORE CWD George Henry51y 25 Jun 1944 CarisbrookeView record
*WYKES Ray28y 27 Mar 1944 CarisbrookeView record