Contributions to
The Friends of Newport & Carisbrooke Cemeteries.

The Friends of Newport & Carisbrooke Cemeteries is a group of volunteers who give their time freely to help care for the Cemeteries and research the lives of those people buried there.

We rely heavily on 'donations' of materials, resources etc to support our activities; this page acknowledges the support we've received.

Newport & Carisbrooke Community Council - The Community Council have given valued support by organising meetings and providing facilities while the group was being established and offers ongoing support for the group. Newport & Carisbrooke Community Council (previously Newport Parish Council.)

IW Council Bereavement Services - The IW Council's Bereavement Services Department are responsible for the cemeteries and they have provided encouragement and advices in establishing the work methods for the volunteers working in the cemeteries. IW Council BS

IW County Press - In the early days, the IW County Press provided the Friends with access to the online IWCP Archive to help with research. IWCP Archive

A. J Wells & Sons Ltd - Thank to A. J Wells & Sons Ltd for supplying the group with some Hi-Vis tabards to help keep volunteers safe while working in the cemeteries. A. J Wells & Sons Ltd