Roads with Listed Buildings

The listed buildings identified on the links below are from the National Register, a few additional 'buildings' are identified on the local IW Council list.

Total number of locations found: 57

Road Town
Bowcombe Road Carisbrooke
Calbourne Road Carisbrooke
Castle Hill Carisbrooke
Castle Lane Carisbrooke
Castle Street Carisbrooke
Clatterford Road Carisbrooke
Clatterford Shute Carisbrooke
Frogland Lane Carisbrooke
High Street Carisbrooke
Miller's Lane Carisbrooke
Plaish Lane Carisbrooke
Priory Farm Lane Carisbrooke
Whitcombe Road Carisbrooke
Whitecroft Carisbrooke
Carisbrooke Road Newport
Castle Road Newport
Cavendish Place Newport
Cedar Hill Newport
Chapel Street Newport
Church Litten Newport
Crocker Street Newport
Cypress Road Newport
Drake Road Newport
East Street Newport
Elm Grove Newport
Fairlee Road Newport
Forest Road Newport
Hearn Street Newport
High Street Newport
Holyrood Street Newport
Horsebridge Hill Newport
Lugley Street Newport
Marvel Lane Newport
North Fairlee Road Newport
Pan Lane Newport
Parkhurst Road Newport
Pyle Street Newport
Quay Street Newport
Sea Street Newport
Shide Road Newport
Snook's Hill Newport
South Street Newport
St Cross Lane Newport
St James' Street Newport
St John's Place Newport
St John's Road Newport
St Thomas's Square Newport
Staplers Road Newport
Terrace Road Newport
Town Lane Newport
Union Street Newport
Westminster Lane Newport
Werrar Farm Northwood
Camp Hill Parkhurst
Haskell Road Parkhurst
Nicholson Street Parkhurst
Parkhurst Prison Parkhurst

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