Burials at Carisbrooke Cemetery,
Section D

2599 individual found

gravemarker indicates there is an image of the grave marker;
the lack of an icon only indicates there's not image on the record, not
necessarily that there is no grave marker 'on the ground'.
Plot No.SurnameForename(s)birth (approx) death (Burial)
240THOMPSONGeorge1810 1870View record
241DAVISJohn1838 1866View record
242SILVERLOCKstillborn child1873 1873View record
242CLARKEstillborn child1875 1875View record
242CHAMBERSstillborn child1876 1876View record
242GUTTERIDGEstillborn child1877 1877View record
242VINCENTstillborn child1880 1880View record
244KEMBEREmily Mirenda1875 1875View record
244EASTHarry George1876 1876View record
245STAPLEYinfant1876 1876View record
257BULLLouisa1797 1870View record
260ROGERSWalter James1874 1875View record
261MARCHWilliam Owen1871 1871View record
261WHITINGWilliam1874 1874View record
262COOKEMinnie Jane1872 1872View record
263JOLLIFFEAnn1802 1868View record gravemarker
264REDSTONEAnn1791 1866View record
265CASSAmelia Frances1819 1866View record
266BAGWELLSarah1812 1866View record
267BUTCHERSArthur Joe1866 1870View record
269GRIGGCora Annie1875 1875View record
269HAYLESinfant1876 1876View record
270URRYinfant1875 1875View record
281OSBORNstillborn child1872 1872View record
282ELKINSMary Jane1875 1875View record
283WARDstill-born1871 1871View record
283BUTTJohn Edward1870 1871View record
283LEAPERJulia1872 1873View record gravemarker
283STAYWilliam1874 1874View record
283BRIDGESMary1863 1941View record
284LOCKHARTEllen1866 1867View record
285COOKEDebeorah1803 1869View record
286INESONIsaac 1870 1871View record
287DRUDGEAnn1781 1870View record
288PARSONSEllen1853 1866View record
289CHIVERTONstillborn child1873 1873View record
290COOPERinfant1875 1875View record
292MOREYHenry John1874 1875View record
303LOCKHARTEdward1864 1867View record
304LOCKHARTJames1793 1867View record
305COOPERCharles1862 1868View record
306DRUDGEHenry1786 1866View record
307JONESFanny1866 1867View record
308BARTONArthur Edward1875 1875View record
309PRAGNELLIsaac1781 1875View record
310GRIGGFlorence Jane1874 1875View record
311JONESinfant1875 1875View record
311JONESstillborn child1875 1875View record
318LOCKHARTEmma1864 1867View record
318LOCKHARTThomas Alfred1865 1867View record