Burials at Carisbrooke Cemetery,
Section H

604 individual found

gravemarker indicates there is an image of the grave marker;
the lack of an icon only indicates there's not image on the record, not
necessarily that there is no grave marker 'on the ground'.
Plot No.SurnameForename(s)birth (approx) death (Burial)
107SCOVELLEmily Mary1851 1940View record
108bAPPELCharles Elias1898 1898View record
108HORSCROFTReginald Frank1897 1898View record
109COOMBESMary Ann1816 1891View record
109aMILLERstillborn child1898 1898View record
110BRINEJean1835 1891View record
111JONESJames1819 1891View record
112DOWNERFrank1851 1891View record
113SNELLGROVEMary1805 1891View record
114BULLThomas1859 1891View record
115FRYJohn1821 1891View record
116MORGANCharles1812 1892View record
117GALPINEEdward William1820 1896View record gravemarker
119BAKERFanny Catherine1833 1908View record gravemarker
120LOCKJane Helen1850 1922View record gravemarker
121SCOVELLMary Elizabeth1858 1946View record
122SHERIDANJohn1816 1892View record
123SMITHThomas1856 1891View record
124BEARDElizabeth1819 1891View record
125aBUTLERHenry Arthur1888 1891View record
125SANGEREthel1890 1891View record
126BURGESSMary Ann1844 1891View record gravemarker
127bWESTMOREstillborn child1891 1891View record
127HARVEYDavid1822 1891View record
128FLUXHannah1803 1891View record
129BEANJohn Frederick William1859 1891View record
130WAVELLMary1804 1892View record gravemarker
131bLIGHTfemale child1894 1894View record
131MINNSMabel Clifford1875 1894View record gravemarker
132GEORGEEliza1851 1927View record
133BAKERWilliam1825 1898View record gravemarker
134LOCKCharles Edwards1851 1894View record gravemarker
136TURNERJoseph1846 1892View record
137PRINCEJames1841 1891View record
138LAMBERTCharles1838 1891View record gravemarker
139SIMMONDSWilliam1810 1874View record gravemarker
139SIMMONDSElizabeth1816 1891View record gravemarker
140SCRIVENAnn1829 1891View record
141SMITHJames1823 1891View record
141WALDENstillborn child1891 1891View record
142COTTENWalter1858 1859View record gravemarker
142COTTENHerbert1868 1870View record gravemarker
142COTTENFrederick1817 1891View record gravemarker
143CASEGertrude Amy1888 1893View record gravemarker
144HOLLISCharles1806 1892View record gravemarker
145WAYEdith Fanny1819 1895View record
146GEORGEMary1846 1934View record
147BATTENHenrietta Caroline1862 1895View record gravemarker
148SHEATHMary1827 1895View record gravemarker
149WADHAMPercy Frank1874 1945View record gravemarker