Vicars and Ministers etc

Some of the burial records identify the vicar/minister who undertook the interment; the following list is intended to help identify the church and demonination of the vicar/minister recorded.


AINSWORTH Samuel 1911 Primitive Methodist
AKERS Graham 1999-?? Congregational Church, Newport
ANDREWS A. 1986-1989 St Paul's, Barton
ARKELL Kevin 2011-2017 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
ATKINSON Miles 1915-1937 St Paul's, Barton
plus other island churches at other times
AUSTIN Frederick 1867-1871 Congregational Church, Newport
AVERY George 1903-1906 Congregational Church, Newport
BABIDGE W A H circa 1909 United Methodist, Quay Street
BAGG Marcus 2011- St Mary's, Carisbrooke
BOARDMAN W. 1963-1986 St Paul's, Barton
BOURNE Nigel 1998 Curate, St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
BRIDGE W circa 1909 Primative Methodist, Pyle Street
BROWN Alan 1988-2001 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
BUCKETT James Frederick  1972-1995 St Thomas' Church, Newport
BUCKLEY   1947 Unitarian, Newport
BUSHER T Storey 1914-1923 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
CARTER W J 1957/1960 Unitarian, Newport
CHANDLER Lawrence 1951 Unitarian, Newport
CHAPLIN Herbert F 1935 Methodist, Pyle Street
CLARKE G 1998 Baptist
COLLIS Charles 1910-1915 St Paul's, Barton
CONNOR George Henry  1852-1882 St Thomas' Church, Newport
CONWAY James Patrick ??-1921 Roman Catholic, Newport
COOPER Gordon 1931/1935 Unitarian, Newport
COOPER Michael 1981-1993 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
COOPER Stanley 1951-1977 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
CUDMORE Philip 1911 United Methodist, Newport
DAVIES C 1951 Baptist, Castlehold
DAVIES D. Hendy 1924-1940 Congregational Church, Newport
DAVIES I.R. Baptist, Newport
DAVIS C.H. 1897-1902 Congregational Church, Newport
DAVIS Hope 1886-1887 Congregational Church, Newport
DENDY John 1890's Unitarian, Newport
DORAN John 1935 Roman Catholic, Newport
EDDY Charles 1892-1893 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
EDLIN A H C Northwood
EDWARDS John 1896-1905 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
EWBANK Harold 1933-1946 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
EXCELL Michael 1993-2011 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
FARNSWORTH Charles Roy  1949-1957 St Thomas' Church, Newport
FOOTMAN H Spence 1923-1933 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
FRANKLIN Herbert J 1937 Methodist, Pyle Street
FRY Alfred Charles -1943 Evangelical Lay Preacher
FULLER Frederick George  1964-1972 St Thomas' Church, Newport
GILLSON-GILL J 1931 St John's, Oakfield, Ryde
GLYNN John Francis Seymour 1931-1937 St Thomas' Church, Newport
HAIGH Henry 1882-1890 St Thomas' Church, Newport
HARRISON Douglas 1905-1908 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
HARRISON Joseph 1881-1884 Congregational Church, Newport
HISTON R 1998 Roman Catholic
HOGG William Matthew Banks 1937-1949 St Thomas' Church, Newport
HOLLINGS Richard 1845-80 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
HOLTON D 1993 Quay Street, Methodist Church
HOSKINS   1890 Wesleyan Methodist
JAMES Edward Boucher 1858-1892 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
JENKINS Christopher 1978-88 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
JOHNSON A circa 1909 Wesleyan Methodist, Pyle Street
JOHNSON Peter 1992 Baptist
JONES Arthur 1906-1915 Congregational Church, Newport
JONES P 1929 Unitarian, Newport
JONES R. Sirhowy 1916-1922 Congregational Church, Newport
KEED Ernest George - 1941 Baptist, Castlehold
KELSEY A.G. 1937-1946 St Paul's, Barton
KEMBER Theodore Lewis   St Peter's, Shorwell (1939-1953)
KIRKHAM R S 1924/26 Wesleyan Methodist
LABETT Paul 1992 Plymouth Brethren
LANE Chris 1990-1995 St Paul's, Barton
LANGRIDGE T.E.R. 1940-1948 Congregational Church, Newport
Le FLEMING Hugh 1908-1927 All Saints, Ryde
LEWIS Clarke 1920/26 Unitarian, Newport
LEWIS Henry 1892-1896 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
LIVERS H M circa 1909 Unitarian, Newport
LOCHERE A.O. 1888-1897 Congregational Church, Newport
LUMLEY Arthur Peter  1957-1964 St Thomas' Church, Newport
LYNCH Walter R 1937 Roman Catholic, Newport
MACKINNON Walter 1913-1944 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
MARTYN Henry 1860-1863 Congregational Church, Newport
MATEER Edward Thomas 1911 Baptist, Castlehold
MATTHEWMAN John 1935 Methodist, Pyle Street
McCOMB Herbert 1983-1986 Congregational Church, Newport
McKENZIE Donald 1946-1955 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
MILROY Andrew 1893-1902 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
MURPHY Revd Father 1930 Roman Catholic
NEWLAND Morrison 1872-1877 Congregational Church, Newport
NUTTER William Henry 1891-1909 St Paul's, Barton
NYE Father 1928 Roman Catholic, Newport
OFFICIER A W 1913/14 St Mary's, Carisbrooke (Curate)
PALMER Stephen 2002-2009 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
PARKER W.D. 1844-1853 St Paul's, Barton
PIKE Pastor Seaview, Beulah Chapel
PIMENTEL Dr. Peter 1996-2014 St Paul's, Barton
POTTS Mark 1964-1981 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
PRICE William H 1950 Baptist, Castlehold
QUARMBY David 1983 - Roman Catholic
REA Daniel 1947 - 1951 Roman Catholic, Newport
RILEY John 1864-1867 Congregational Church, Newport
ROWSE Harold 1963-1968 Congregational Church, Newport
RUDD R 1993 Chaplain, St Mary's Hospital
RUDDLE James 1910 Unitarian, Newport
ROYDS Edric 1945-1950 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
SHARPE Henry Edmund  1895-1913 St Thomas' Church, Newport
SHARPE W.L. 1854-1890 St Paul's, Barton
SHEEN C 1980 ish Wayfarers Chapel
SHILSON J.H. Methodist ??
SMITH Clement 1890-1895 St Thomas' Church, Newport
SOUTHALL George 1904 Wesleyan Methodist, Pyle Street
SOUTTAR John 1955-1964 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
SPOOR Norman 1949-1953 Congregational Church, Newport
STEEL Richard 1997 Castlehold Baptist, Newport
STEPHENS A circa 1909 Castlehold Baptist, Newport
STIRMAN D W 1968/74 Unitarian, Newport
STOBART James 1902-1914 St Mary's, Carisbrooke
STOKES Ronald 1956-1962 Congregational Church, Newport
STRATTON Arthur 1909-1913 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
TAYLOR John 1992-1998 Congregational Church, Newport
THOMAS R G 1924/26 United Methodist, Newport
THOMPSON Arthur 1953-1956 Congregational Church, Newport
THOMPSON Arthur 1969-1981 Congregational Church, Newport
THOMPSON Cyril Herbert  1913-1931 St Thomas' Church, Newport
THWAITES H Graham 1880-1891 St John's,  Carisbrooke/Newport
WARD Albert Thomas 1904 Baptist, Castlehold
WATKINS D circa 1913 United Methodist
WATSON J 1921-? Roman Catholic, Newport
WAYET J W F   Rector of Gatcombe 1922/1930
WELFORD Alex. W. 1904 Primative Methodist
WHEATLEY Leslie John Douglas 1946-1963 St Paul's, Barton
WILLAN Robert 1878-1880 Congregational Church, Newport
WINN K 1997 Methodist
WINTER Tom 1988-1992 Congregational Church, Newport