Transcribed roads from Kellys 1931 Newport directory

NOTE: entries for Carisbrooke, North Arreton, Shide and Whippigham are just split between 'Commercial' and 'Private Resident', not arranged into roads.

Total number of locations found: 106

Road Town
Commercial CarisbrookeList entries
Private Residents CarisbrookeList entries
Commercial GatcombeList entries
Private Residents GatcombeList entries
Abraham's Court NewportList entries
Albany Road NewportList entries
Albert Street NewportList entries
Ash Road (Barton Village) NewportList entries
Avondale Road NewportList entries
Barton Road NewportList entries
Bedford Row NewportList entries
Beech Road (Barton Village) NewportList entries
Bellemead Lane NewportList entries
Caesars Road NewportList entries
Carisbrooke Road NewportList entries
Castle Road NewportList entries
Castlehold Lane NewportList entries
Catherine Terrace NewportList entries
Cavendish Place NewportList entries
Cedar Hill NewportList entries
Chain Lane NewportList entries
Chapel Street NewportList entries
Church Litten NewportList entries
Clarence Road NewportList entries
Clarendon Place NewportList entries
Clarendon Street NewportList entries
Clifford Street NewportList entries
College Road NewportList entries
Collingwood Road NewportList entries
Coppin's Bridge NewportList entries
Crocker Street NewportList entries
Cross Lanes NewportList entries
Cross Street NewportList entries
Cypress Road NewportList entries
Drake Road NewportList entries
Drill Hall Road NewportList entries
Dyer's Court NewportList entries
East Street NewportList entries
East View NewportList entries
Elm Grove NewportList entries
Fairlee Road NewportList entries
Flux's Court NewportList entries
Green Street (Barton) NewportList entries
Hearn Street NewportList entries
Heytesbury Road NewportList entries
High Street NewportList entries
Hill Side Road NewportList entries
Holyrood Street NewportList entries
Hunny Hill NewportList entries
John Street (Barton) NewportList entries
Linden Road NewportList entries
Little London NewportList entries
Lugley Street NewportList entries
Medina Avenue NewportList entries
Melbourne Street NewportList entries
Mill Street NewportList entries
Mount Pleasant Road NewportList entries
Nelson Road NewportList entries
New Street NewportList entries
Norfolk Cottages NewportList entries
Orchard Street NewportList entries
Pan Lane NewportList entries
Portland Street NewportList entries
Prospect Road NewportList entries
Pyle Street NewportList entries
Quay Street NewportList entries
Recreation Road NewportList entries
Robin Hood Street (Barton) NewportList entries
Royal Exchange (Barton) NewportList entries
Scarrot's Lane NewportList entries
School Lane NewportList entries
Sea Street NewportList entries
Shide Path NewportList entries
Shide Road NewportList entries
South Street NewportList entries
South View NewportList entries
St. Cross Lane NewportList entries
St. James Street NewportList entries
St. John's Place NewportList entries
St. John's Road NewportList entries
St. Paul's View Road NewportList entries
St. Thomas Square NewportList entries
Staplers Road NewportList entries
Terrace Road NewportList entries
Town Lane NewportList entries
Trafalgar Lane NewportList entries
Trafalgar Road NewportList entries
Union Street NewportList entries
Upper Field Place (Field Place) NewportList entries
Victoria Place NewportList entries
Victoria Road NewportList entries
Wapshott Terrace NewportList entries
Watergate Road NewportList entries
Wells Court NewportList entries
West Street NewportList entries
West View NewportList entries
Westminster Lane NewportList entries
White Pit Lane NewportList entries
Worsley Road NewportList entries
York Road NewportList entries
Commercial North ArretonList entries
Private Residents North ArretonList entries
Commercial ShideList entries
Private Residents ShideList entries
Commercial WhippinghamList entries
Private Residents WhippinghamList entries

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