Entries from 1951 Parkhurst Kelly's Isle of Wight directory
for Haskell Road

From Camp Hill road to Bromilow cottages    
East side    
here is Lonsdale avenue    
Horrix Alfd. (Governor's ho., Parkhurst prison)   
Bride Geo. F. (Deputy Governor's ho., Parkhurst prison)   
here is Poole avenue    
West side.    
1 Hownrd Norman   
2 Smith Wm. Edwd   
3 Bond Stanley Rt   
4 Martin Kenneth W   
5 Nicholls Cyril   
6 Digby Anthony   
7 Robinson Fred   
8 Saunders Alfd.   
9 Wathall Herbt.   
10 Adams Stanley Chester   
11 Rees Trevor D.   
12 Hadley Wm. Thos.   
13 Parsons Stephen   
14 Tithericlge Hy. A.   
15 Cronin Arth. Jas.   
16 Blanchard Roy   
18 Mulcott Chas.   
19 Gage Edwd.   
20 Young Geo. Harold   
21 Mardon Geo. Edwd.   
22 Marchment Patrick   
23 Gregory Wm.   
24 Willis Stanley   
25 Wright Douglas   
Parkhurst Central Prison   

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