Butterflies to look out for in August

Chalk hill blueChalk hill blue butterflies (Polyommatus coridon) will still be in abundance if the weather is favourable,

Small Heathtogether with the Small heath (Coenonympha pamphilus)

Common Blueand the Common blue (Polyommatus icarus) butterflies.

Brown AgnessBrown argus The brown argus (Aricia agestis) butterfly is widespread in southern and central England. It has two generations per year, being on the wing in May- June and August-September. The caterpillar food plant is common rock-rose.

Clouded YellowClouded yellow  (Colias croceus) A migratory butterfly. A few individuals of this species arrive on the Island most years.

Painted LadyPainted lady (Vanessa cardui) This is another migratory butterfly. it spreads northwards from the desert fringes of North Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia, recolonising mainland Europe and reaching Britain and Ireland. A wide range of foodplants may be used with thistles being particularly favoured.

Pictures with thanks: © K. Marston