Entries from 1931 Newport Kelly's Isle of Wight directory
for Coppin's Bridge

from High street    
East side.    (directory has West side)
King H. & Sons, wheelwrights   
here is Barton road    
2 Gray Mrs.   
4 Morris Frank   
6 Fry Jas.   
8 Morey Percy Thos.   
Bethany Hall   
18 Arthur Geo. Hy.   
20 Colley Jack   
22 Arthur Geo. Hy. jun.   
24 Brown Chas.   
here are Staplers road & Fairlee road    
Wesr side.    (directory has East side)
21 Wendes Wm. W. C.   
19 Arthur Geo. Hy. shoeing smith   
17 Williams Miss   
15 Swadiling Harry, fishmngr.   
Newport (Isle of Wight) Gas Co. (S. F. Holmes, see.; Frank Ernest Cox, engnr. & mngr)   
13 Hinton Mrs.   
11 Dukes Wm. Chas.   
9 Cooper's Arms P.H. Mrs. E. J. Prangnell   
7 Mason Geo. Alfd.   
3 Stephens Miss K. servants' registry office   
1 Palmer Harold, confctnr.   

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